Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas takes 4 & 5

Merry Christmas!


At 6:54 PM , Anonymous Kyle said...

I love pink baby. Give her a kiss for me.

At 6:04 PM , Blogger Bonnie & David said...

Okay I first have to say that I love that tree because its such a lachelle tree! Its very charlie brown and I love it. And second, I cant believe how big your boy has grown! I remember when Krista told me he was born and its seems like recently. But he is definitely cute and looks like a perfect mix of you and nick. How are things! I dont think I have heard from you in so long, and its not your fault because I am really bad at keeping in touch as well. But i am glad we have blogs now that will help us do that!
How do you like the east, we were thinking of going back but I am really sick of the cold weather. Oh! and I am going out to dinner with Jessica tonight because i havent seen her in 2 years, so I will tell her you said hi!


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