Sunday, February 24, 2008

Never Again

I took a potato dish to a funeral on Saturday. They call them funeral potatoes, I guess because of the propensity for people to serve the dish at funerals.

Not so. They call them funeral potatoes because the more you eat them, the sooner yours will be. Recipe: one part potatoes, three parts heart attack.

Yes, you're seeing it right: sour cream, butter, cream of chicken soup. Now hear this: I will never eat this dish again.

Keyton's sweet tower

I had a bunch of boxes of sugar cubes in the house for an activity I was doing with the children at church where we made temples out of sugar cubes. This was what was happening when we noticed Keyton had found the sugar cubes. We did not help him, really.

This was his creation.

This was theirs.

February Catch-all

Keyton donned his Valentines garb, compliments of Dawn.

Discovering the wonderful world of olives.

Playing with friends.

We want to play outside!!

January catch-all

Our winter mantra: Wahoo!! It's 20 degrees, we're going outside!

Here we go a'caucusing. Based on Keyton's pathetic winter garb, would you say we caucused for the Democrats or the Republicans?

You can't really tell from this photo, but it was a ZOO in there.

Nick is being a good sport to convince Keyton that indeed, the bib is cool.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

these things come in threes

Keyton loves watching videos of his cousins off their blog. "One more time!" he says. Even baby gets in on the action.

I know the picture is dark and the sound is soft, but here is the best recorded rendition of "My Heavenly Father Loves Me."

Gotta love him.

Winter Carnival

A winter carnival in St. Paul in January? Crazy. But that's not the craziest part. Why did we walk from our house the fairgrounds to see these melting snow sculptures? Well it was finally up to the 20s and we were do dying to get out, so we decided to walk. It's "20 degrees outside" I thought "that's 30 degrees warmer than it's been. I don't need a hat." We were quickly reminded that 20 with a subzero wind is still pretty cold. They sculptures had been melting the day before, but they were not in danger of melting on this day! As they are a little deformed, I'll narrate.

I think this first one was a big squirrel.

Old Norwegian men flanking the entrance sign.

This is a teepee with a sleeping women and a bear trying to eat her or get in out of the cold? Nick laughed at me for taking a picture without people in it so I'm posting it to spite him.

Nothing is quite as patriotic as a giant hand made out of snow hoisting the American flag.

OK, we saw the castle. We've seen 'em all. Lets go home, I'm FREEZING!!

Christmas Catch-all

Here are a bunch of random pictures I never posted from our visit to Oregon at Christmas time. My favorites are Keyton wearing Grandma Carol's wig, the matching Peter Pan outfits Banana made Keyton and Katie, and Keyton checking out the skis he will use next winter--football in tote of course.

We'll Miss You Dawn

With all our family far away (who don't visit nearly enough I might add) Dawn has come to our rescue in terms of someone to love, play with, and spoil Keyton. She too is now skipping town. Keyton and I are definitely feeling the sadness of geography. We'll miss you Dawn!!