Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Road Trip: Day 4

Ridiculously long road trip: Day 4
Leaving: West Yellowstone, MT
Destination: Boise, Idaho

We returned to Yellowstone Park in the morning hoping for better weather. We saw more elk.

And baby bison.

While it was still cold, at least it wasn't snowing. We braved the main attractions.

K only wanted to "ski" on the boardwalks.

Here's the tail end of Old Faithful. The geyser sort of blended in with the gray sky, but it was still cool nonetheless.

Gramma Becky got K a stuffed moose. N tried to name it Sedrick. K calls it Moosey.

That pretty much wraps up the photos. We left the park and drove to Boise. The highlight of the drive was when K spotted sprinklers in the farmer's fields in Eastern Idaho and exclaimed "Look! Geysers!"

Road Trip: Day 3

Ridiculously long road trip: day 4
Leaving: Cody, WY
Destination: West Yellowstone, Montana

We weren't exactly expecting a winter wonderland in Yellowstone in late May.

While it was bad for getting out and hiking around, perhaps the weather contributed to all the animals we saw?

A black bear and her two cubs. (We also saw a grizzly later in the day.)

Bison ridiculously close to the car.

Lachelle: "Look Keyton it's a buffalo."
K: "Water buffalo!"
L: "Actually it's a buffalo."
K: "Actually it's a water buffalo."

A pack of three wolves. We also saw elk and moose on the way into the park.

We eventually ditched the cold park for the warmth of the hotel.
K enjoys the wood carvings in West Yellowstone.

Last but not least, day four. . . .

Monday, May 26, 2008

Road Trip: Day 2

Ridiculously long road trip: Day 2
Leaving: Rapid City, SD
Destination: Cody, Wyoming

K coordinated the morning effort, getting everyone packed and out the door.

First stop, Mount Rushmore. I must admit, it was a little random. Who thinks, "Well hey, you know what that mountain needs? The faces of four random presidents carved in the side. That would really do the trick." I'm not saying it wasn't cool, just a little random.

Can you tell we're doing an impersonation?

K running headlong to get a better look.

K gives Mount Rushmore two thumbs up!

Nick is not as impressed with the monument.

Terry, camera man extraordinaire.

Work it K.

After Mount Rushmore, we went to another random mountain carving, Crazy Horse. This project is not government funded so is moving pretty slowly (you're looking at 50 years of progress in this picture), but it was still cool to see and the visitors center was quite vast. The white markings are the outline for the horses head.

Here is a model of the finished product. K was being a grump, so we followed suit.

The remainder of the day was spent in the car on the way to Cody, WY. Although whenever K asked to go swimming when we got to the hotel we told him there wasn't a pool, K had a little crisis when we arrived at the hotel in Cody and there wasn't a pool. Nick pulled through and "swam" with K in the tub, suits and all. Next stop, day three.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Road Trip: Day 1

Ridiculously long road trip: Day 1
Leaving: St. Paul, Minnesota
Destination: Rapid City, South Dakota.

We woke up at 6am and get on the road by 6:30 much to the chagrin of my in laws, only to leave our cooler at the gas station and have to return now fighting morning rush hour traffic. I hear I-35 South was nice, but I was sleeping. I wake up as we merge onto I-90, the road we will spend the majority of our trip on. Unfortunately the car Terry thought was us, wasn't us and he missed the exit. We stop at a nondescript town in South Dakota. After lunch in the park, we visit the corn palace that has been advertised on billboards for the last 150 miles. It is a building decorated in corn husks. It houses city hall and an arena used for all the towns sporting events, concerts, graduations, etc. How would you like to have prom in the corn palace? They redecorate the outside ever year. This year's theme is Everyday heroes, hence the cross walk lady?

We enjoy other random South Dakota sights.

We hit the road and K sleeps until our next stop, Badlands National Park. Think Southern Utah, but not red. It was beautiful.

K carted his "dirts" around.

Family photo.

We made it to Rapid City, SD around dinner time. K, however, only wanted to swim. After awhile in the pool his body was so cold he was violently shaking, yet he insisted he wasn't cold and begged to keep swimming. Get all your energy out now K, because you're spending tomorrow in your car seat.

Nick make K a "special bed" on the floor of our hotel room where he slept the whole night through. What a guy. Stay tuned for day 2.


I wouldn't wish a law school graduation on anyone, so for those of you who couldn't be there let me give you the highlights. It began with a long introduction, awards, and other self-congratulatory banter. Nick gave the JD student address, see the blurry proof below.

Other people spoke, but they didn't do nearly as good as Nick and they weren't nearly as brief. Then the proud graduates marched across the stage. Here's proof Nick didn't trip.

Yeah Nick! We're all proud of you!!

K and Siri shield their eyes from the sun. "We don't want to go to law school!"