Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Shasta" in Montana (July 20-25)

The Hansen family has been going to Lake Shasta in northern California for annual reunions since I remember. This year we decided to give it a go (successfully I think?!) at Echo lake in Kalispel Montana. It was about time baby Smith had some in utero rafting and water skiing practice. K also had a ball.

That's him on the white "island" playing with Max and Ben.

Riding in the boat with Ben, Tess, Keyton, and Grandma Becky (Grandpa Hansen's wife).

Driving the boat with Gpa Scott. Very serious business.

Canoeing with Uncle Paul and all the kiddos.

These water guns were by far K's favorite part of the trip. Gma Becky got them at the dollar store, way to go Grandma!! K spent hours on the dock busily squirting family that didn't want to be wet. Next year your cries and whines won't be so compelling Keyton, and they really will throw you in!

Sally Kayaks.

Max Kayaks.

Sally skis!!

Ben Kayaks.

David took Ben and K tubing.

David slipped off the back so we could get a picture of the two of them. Isn't this a great picture? Do you think it was worth the "submarine" dismount that left both boys screaming and flailing in the water when the ride was over??

How many pizzas does it take to feed the family?

That would be 12.

Grandpa Hansen with K and Tess.

Gpa Scott helps K give tubing another try, this time they don't get dumped.

Ice cream cones, a must.

K did the best of the three getting it all over himself.

Thanks for the fun vacation family--let's do it again next year!

Queen Colleen and the Becker Family Zoo (July 20 & 25)

K and I spent Saturday night with my aunt Colleen and her family in route to the Hansen family reunion in Montana. K would have just as assumed stay at the Becker's house on account of all the animals and the trampoline. Holding 2-day-old puppies was first on the agenda.

The cat needed a turn too.

The dog didn't want to be left out either.

"I'm gunna get you Lloyd!"

Other activities not pictured were picking up apples under the tree and feeding them to the chickens and turkeys and listening to the parrots in the house. While the crowing rooster was a bit loud for K's liking, he could do a pretty good rooster crow before we left.

We stopped for a few hours Friday afternoon on our way back to Boise. The puppies had gotten bigger!

And now there were nine 2-day-old kittens!

Colleen wins the greatest aunt award for getting the sprinkler set up under the trampoline and then jumping with K. You're the best Colleen!! The funniest part about the whole thing was K slipped and called Colleen "Banana" (his nickname for Grandma Janene) a few times. Do you even know they are related K? They must be sisters for sure!

It was good to see you Beckers!

It's a girl!! (July 18)

Keyton is very excited about his baby sister due November 13. He points to pictures of babies and says "that's my little sister." Very cute. Keyton saying that is cute, I mean. Our fetus actually looks like Skeletor in these pictures.