Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday (?)

My mom called me the morning of October 28th to wish me a happy birthday! I was so confused because my birthday is November 28th. She was dead serious--it was pretty funny. Nick decided to follow suit and give me my birthday present early--a new camera! Keyton said he was going to make me a cake with lots of blueberries, but he's yet to follow through.

Nick's parents gave this to us the first year we were married--Christmas 2003. Good bye old friend.

Here's some shots with the new camera. =)

If it's my birthday, how come Keyton is the one getting presents? Gramma Becky sent a Halloween package for K,

complete with Halloween big underwear!

Once again I ask, if it's my birthday why am I barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen while Nick takes flattering pregger picts? This birthday bites.

Random October Picts

Nick planted giant sunflowers in our backyard in Boise this summer. They didn't bloom until after we left to head back to MN. So, naturally, his mom mailed us a few of the giant flower heads. N & K had a great time attaching the flowers to bungee cords outside for only the bravest squirrels to eat. It was great entertainment.

K digs in the dirt for wiggly worms.

K & N hit the jackpot at the ward Halloween party trunk-or-treat (people decorate the trunks of their cars and the kids trick-or-treat). K went to all the trunks, even the scary ones which he declared "I'm brave at that".

K and Andrew. . .I mean Peter Pan and Buzz Lightyear.

Apple Orchard

We went to the Afton Apple Orchard October 11th where we picked apples, raspberries, a pumpkin, and pet the goats. It was such a beautiful day! The best part has been all the yummy apple treats Nick has been making for us ever since: apple pancakes, apple cake, apple crisp, etc. etc. Way to be Nick!!

Long Lost Picts

I found these pictures on a SD card when I was cleaning shop. They were taken Feb 10, 2008 just a little before K's 2nd Bday. What a guy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Katie Rocks!

My sister Katie rocks. Click here for proof.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Fam

My sister Katie took some picts of the fam when she was out here in September. It kills me that we will only be a family of three for about three more weeks!

September 24, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

$1 from Larry

Larry sent K $1. Off we went to the dollar bins to pick out a treasure.

It was a tough decision.

But the bouncy balls emerged triumphant.

K makes the big purchase.

Thanks for the $1 Larry!!
October 2, 2008

Run Katie!!

Lachelle's fast sister Katie runs cross country for Seattle University in Seattle. Her team came to compete in a giant invitational in Minnesota so Lachelle's dad flew out and we had track/pizza party weekend. Keyton super-fanned the event by putting on his Seattle U shirt and flexing his muscles.

Keyton looked almost as awkward as Katie trying to run in place.

Keyton (and Lachelle) made signs for Katie and her friend Mike. Mike neither tripped nor fell.
Much to the delight of everyone behind us, Keyton sat on my shoulders and made himself as wide as possible while the runners ran by.

September 27, 2008

Nick is so Brave!!

The Saint Paul campus had a party for kids with free bowling, face painting, moon jump thingy, and some marine life from a local aquarium. Part of the aquarium's deal was a giant blue shark mascot (kind of like the gopher below, but, as the story will demonstrate, it was really, really scary). Keyton saw the shark and lost it. He screamed in terror. The shark ran around the corner so it was out of sight, but Keyton kept saying over and over that he wanted it to go away and stared at the corner where it had dissappeared. When the shark came back Keyton was uncontrolably unconsolable. He was not happy until he actually made the shark leave the party, go outside, and walk up a flight of stairs so it was out of sight. Keyton climbed onto a couch in the lobby of where the party was going on and stared at the stairs until the shark had been gone for five minutes.

He also freaked out near Goldie the Gopher, but through excellent parenting (i.e. bribing with a balloon) he gave Goldie a high five.

Ironically, after the run-in with the fake shark, he grabbed the tail of a real shark until it was visibly agitated.

September 26, 2008

What rain

Keyton thinks umbrellas are just about the coolest thing around. So when Lachelle came home from school soaked the other day, she and Keyton went off puddle-jumping. You can't see the rain, but it was coming down pretty hard (as in you still couldn't see even with the wind shield wiper's fastest setting).

September 23, 2008