Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mad Skills

Meet Keyton

And Lola.

They are stuck inside.

So they work on their skills. Lola has mad sleeping skills.

She is practicing to be on the high council.**

** For those of you who don't speak "Mormon", the high council is typically made up of old men who sleep on the stand during church where the congregation can watch them sleeping instead of listening to the sermon.

Lola could pass as an old man. Or maybe Yoda.

She also makes a pretty good Buddha.

Of all of Lola's skills, she likes to practice this one most of all.

Not to be outdone, Keyton hones in on his paparazzi skills.

Sometimes he has a little trouble with his aim.

No worries, there's a lot more winter left to practice.

January 14-20, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Boys Team & Girls Team

The Boys Team is expert at wrestling, racing up the stairs to get PJs on, and making messes. If I solicit help by asking "for a big boy in a blue shirt who can throw this diaper away", K undoubtedly starts pointing to himself saying "Oh, I can do that!" and races off, daiper in hand, unknowingly facilitating mom's ploy of never getting off the couch. K tells me I can't be on his team 'cause I'm slow.

Nick, who heads up the boys team has been busy working in the castle, studying for the bar, and brushing up on his self portriats.

The girls team, led by Lachelle, makes a good attempt at leading productive lives by studying, working out, and otherwise contributing to society.

However, further investigation reveals all they really do is nap.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Live Here Too!

Lest you think K is being overshadowed by his better looking, albeit smaller, little sister, here's a post just for him.

K thinks it's ridiculously funny to get you wet after he washes his hands. What a joker.

What else is there to do when it is -20 outside (true temp) with a windchill of -35, but to drink hot chocolate?

K: It's time for you to get out of the shower.
L: I'll be out as soon as I wash the shampoo out of my hair.
K: Remember what animal eats shampoo?
L: No, which?
K: A panda bear!!
L: hmmm??? Oh, close! A panda bear eats Bamboo!

January 2-4, 2009

Good to See Ya!

Ode to our friends: Sue, Dawn, and Top.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Four Weeks

Five Weeks

Six Weeks

Seven Weeks

Eight Weeks

December 15, 2008 - January 11, 2009