Friday, February 27, 2009

Dollars from Larry OR Happy Valentines Day OR Any Day is a Good Day for Ice Cream, Even if it is 10 below

Larry periodically sends Keyton a dollar bill in the mail. Keyton amassed a small fortune ($3) and we decided to celebrate by spending it all. With dollars in hand we headed out into the cold dark night for a family valentines date to get some ice cream.

We headed to the infamous Grand Ole Creamery (on Grand), our inaugural visit.

There were so many choices.

$2.70 for a kids cone? Cough 'em up K. One dollar. . .

at a. . .


K was so excited about his change he almost forgot about his ice cream. What cone can compete with a quarter and a nickle?

Get in my belly.

Ice cream was had by all.

Except for poor Lola who was oblivious.

I've found the best way to enjoy ice cream in the winter is in a hat and down coat.

February 14, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

baby on the job

"Civil procedure and sales. Hmmm. . . ."

"Oh yes, promoters are personally liable for any debts incurred prior to incorporation."

"Secured transactions. Whew."

"Gmail break."

" Easements appurtenant."

"All in a days work."

February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Keyton & Lola

The good thing--the only good thing--about one 'o clock church is having time to take pictures before the meeting.

February 8, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gym Jam

One of Lachelle's friends tipped us off to the Gym Jam. The lab pre-school (think undergrads watching pre-schoolers through one-way mirrors, but its not creepy because its educational) had a fundraiser where for a donation kids got to play on the University of Minnesota's indoor practice field. It sounded like fun, so we bundled up and made the trek over.

Keyton apparently can't bend at the waist. This is the kids stretching before running en masse in a big circle.

Some of the athletes from various Gopher teams were there to play with the kids. Keyton befriended a very friendly (and patient) women's basketball player. She tried to convince him to play catch, but he just wanted to throw the little basketball and race to see who could get there first. She played this game with him for at least 20 minutes.

Toward the end of the night we convinced Keyton to stop harassing the basketball player and we worked on his kicking skills. My plan (this is Nick, obviously) is to get Keyton into the NFL as a kicker: decent salary and longetivity = pay for his parents' lavish retirement.

Baseball would be OK too. Better start eating a lot more tic tacs Keyton.

By far the highlight of the trip for Keyton was the bus ride to and from the gym.

Lola was beat.

February 6, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby in a front pack.

This is a baby.

This is a baby in a front pack.

Any questions?

February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Great One?

I'm sad we will be leaving Minnesota one year shy of K's hockey eligibility. They start at age 3 here -- the popsicle league.

Could K have been the next great one?

Lola makes a mean goalie.

K has taken a liking to this pink bike (despite its blue counterpart) because it has "buttons that make me go fast!"

February 2, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Carnival

With temperatures in the 30s, we shed our coats and trek over to the fairgrounds to see the snow sculptures, part of St. Paul's annual Winter Carnival.

A pig riding a tractor won first place "That's silly!" K decides.

After clamoring in line with a hoard of other children fascinated by the snow fire truck, K climes in for his photo opp. "K, look over here!!"

I give up and walk around to the other side. K turns his head.

January 31, 2009