Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jerry E. Clegg Botanical Garden

September 12, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bon Appetite

Pink Sharpie, $1.29.
Cream booster chair, $10.35.
First born son getting the pink booster chair he's always wanted, priceless.

Does anybody know a good orthodontist?

September 12, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

What do we do our first weekend in our new place? Leave town. We drove 3 hours south to visit Briana and her clan in Louisville Kentucky. Keyton wasn't too thrilled about getting back in the car, but thanks to fun road games from Anita, he stayed completely entertained working on his new people drawing skills. Oh! He can draw people!!

Friday morning Briana drug us to a boot camp class at the YMCA. We spent the rest of the day recuperating. That evening when we were beginning to regain feeling in our limbs, we took a walk along the waterfront in downtown Louisville.

I'd say we have about 20 pictures of us on this swing and this is the best one. Wow. That's pretty amazing.

Keyton was pretty jazzed to hang out with his cousins, Dallas and Trenton (Brooklyn and Lexi I guess you two don't make the cut). In fact almost a month later he still prays "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that I could go to my cousin's house and play Xbox and I was Darth Vader and I had a light saber and I went pshew pshew and then I tried to get that guy, but I didn't get that guy and I fell in a whole and I went Ahhh. . . amen"

Stacy was in town on grandma duty. She also took time to clean our teeth. Three cheers for Stacy!

Sadly I cut just before the Gigantisaurous Rex said "I'm a lawyer so I can get you!!"

Saturday we ventured east to Natural Bridge State Resort Park. Where the kids hiked up crazy amounts of stairs--which Trenton counted.

40 people a year fall off the natural bridge. Some falls result in death. I considered adding Keyton to the rolls for his exemplary behavior.

To the bottom at last!

A quick stop for ice cream on the way back.

Bri had great hopes of a cute picture of everyone in the tub. I guess we're just not a very photogenic family.

After a few games of quiddler, copious amounts of food, jogging, church, rock band, and Xbox we called it a weekend and hit the road. See you at Thanksgiving!

September 3-7, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

The move

We embarked early Wednesday morning for the 9+ hour drive to Lafayette.

Lola was ready.

As was Keyton, thanks to a backpack full of wrapped treasures from Banana.

We stopped at McDonalds for lunch where we wondered would you rather be eating this. . .

or this?

Around 6pm we arrived at our new place.

Unpacked and did this.

The kids were up and at 'em early the next day.

First on our list was to check out the frozen custard shop only three blocks away. I think things are going to be A-OK.

August 26-28, 2009

The Big Packing Day

A huge thank you and it-would-have-been-so-much-more-painful-without-your-help to all of our friends:

The missionaries

The James family

Jason and Becca Doolittle


Beth Erickson




Robert and Pedro Puga who was too busy helping to make time for the photo opp.


The DVD player

Pound it for a job well done Rachel!

August 25, 2009