Thursday, April 22, 2010

random March picts.

March 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

"I forgot the table was tippy."

Keyton tipped the kitchen table over onto his face. First we noticed the blood.

Then we noticed that his nose was looking a little flatter than usual.


A quick trip to the E.R. revealed a broken nose, but no damage to his brain, sinuses, etc. The coloring book was a nice distraction. Thanks crazy admission lady.

(This is Keyton's "tough" face.)

We'll go see a nose specialist tomorrow to find out how to fix it. There are two pieces of his nose that broke free. He's not on any pain medication but says that it doesn't hurt. Except for the fact that he looks like a Klingon, life is pretty much back to normal.

April 19, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Help request

Hey all, Nick here. I know you're here to see pictures of our adorable kids, but I'm going to switch things up for just one post. Here goes . . .

Short story

My friend Johnny Kairi from Papua New Guinea recently got into college in Hawai'i. He has paid all of his other expenses, but still needs $500 to pay for a plane ticket. I can't cover the whole ticket, so if you're willing to help out, even if it's only $5, send me or lachelle a quick message through facebook or and we'll work out details.

Medium story

Lachelle did her student teaching in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific. I went with her, and while there I helped tutor and became friends with Johnny Kairi, a high school student from Papua New Guinea who came to Tonga to go to high school. Johnny was one of the hardest working students I met and we became good friends. He was recently accepted to BYU-Hawai'i and plans to study International Business Management. He is on a work/scholarship program that will help him pay for school and living expenses in Hawai'i, but he has to get there first. He has paid all of his other expenses, but needs about $500 more to pay for his plane ticket from PNG to Hawai'i. Lachelle and I can't cover the whole ticket ourselves, so I'm reaching out to you all to see if any of you are willing and able to help out, even if it's only $5. Whatever we can come up with will be helpful, even if we don't come up with the whole $500. If you're willing, send me or Lachelle a message via facebook or at and we'll talk shop.

Long Story

As some of you may know, the summer before I started law school Lachelle dragged me to the Kingdom of Tonga in the south pacific so that she could do her student teaching at a middle school and high school there. Tonga is a group of 170 islands sort of near Fiji and Samoa. We were on the main island, Tongatapu, but had the chance to travel to the three other major islands/island groups while we were there. I could talk about Tonga for a long time and have often regretted ever leaving (especially during the 9 month winters in Minnesota).

Anyway, in addition to my rigorous schedule of snorkeling everyday, eating copious amounts of Tongan food, and avoiding the 10 inch stinging centipedes, I also had the chance to volunteer in a couple of classes of high school English, computers, and college prep. Most of the students at Liahona High School are Tongan; however, there is also a small group of students from Papua New Guinea (PNG). Because of the sorry state of affairs of the education system in PNG, a small group of PNG students have the opportunity to come to Tonga for high school. They come before their freshman year and don't return home again until four years later after they graduate. They have to learn English for school, and many of them learn at least a little Tongan while they are there.

One of the students from PNG, Johnny Kairi, approached me on his own initiative to ask me if I would be willing to help tutor him in English. His English was already better than most of the other students', but he knew that he had room to improve before taking the "Michigan," a beast of a standardized test that keeps a lot of students from studying in the U.S. because of low scores. He showed up on time to all of our meetings and even did extra homework that I had assigned him. His English got better and he and I became friends. You now how sometimes you bump into someone, even if only briefly, and they end up making a permanent and significant difference in how you view the world - that was definitely Johnny for me.

College presents a big problem for a lot of young people from the South Pacific because there just aren't a lot of options actually in the islands. A lot of the students at Liahona High School try to get into BYU-Hawaii, whose principal purpose is to provide higher education opportunities for students from the Pacific. It does a fantastic job at providing scholarships and work-study programs to allow students to pay their way through school, which is fantastic because a lot of the students come from extremely poor countries where, even if they could get a job, they would never be able to make enough money to save for college. Because the programs allow students to graduate debt-free, a lot of the students are able to return to their home countries and use their educations to better their countries and communities.

I've stayed in touch with Johnny since we left Tonga, and just got the good news that he was finally accepted to BYU-Hawai'i. He got a work/scholarship that will help cover his tuition/fees/living expenses, and he plans on studying international business management. He is set to start school in late July and has paid all of his school and immigration related fees. However, he still has to get himself a plane ticket to Hawai'i, and he is about $500 short. Unfortunately, Lachelle and I can't come up with all of that on our own, and although I would ordinarily never ask for money or even help, this is too important to me to keep quiet. Johnny is a giant of a man and with a college education I have no doubt he is going to have a giant influence on the world around him.

If you're able and willing to help, send me or Lachelle a message via facebook or an email at and we can talk about how to make it happen.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a Saturday in March

Spring is Sprung and we're breaking out of the house. We pay a visit to Five Guys burger place to pay homage to the Idaho potatoes.

See, from Idaho.

Lola is a fan.

We then head to the Celery Bog Nature Conservatory, where Lola greets the bronze statue.

A quick hike around the bog, which we learn is actually a marsh not a bog.

When nature calls. . .

Anything Keyton does,

Lola does slower.

March 20, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Indianapolis Children's Museum

Went to the children's museum with my girl friends and our little people. =)

March 16, 2010

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Fire Station Museum

We visited the Lafayette Fire Station Museum just down the street. It was built in the 1930s (?) and was in use until they build a new station 10 years ago, at which point the fire fighters moved out and they instantly condemned the building. Nice! It has since been renovated and is chalk full of fire fighting stuff and run by volunteers who come from a long line of Lafayette fire fighters and are excited to tell you all about it.

March 13, 2010

Monday, April 05, 2010

Keyton's Birthday

For the big 4, Keyton requested strawberry short cake--perhaps because it's pink, his favorite color?

Yumm. Pink cake.

The grandparents outfitted K with a stack of gifts.

Gifts he was thrilled to open. (Please note the Mohawk Nick gave Keyton while I was out of town. Typical.)

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Great.

Thanks Gma/pa Becky.

No Froppit. You can't have that.

Underwear from your mean old parents. But hey, it's a hit!

Thanks Gma/pa Scott.

Thanks Banana.

March 10, 2010