Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nike Women's Marathon San Francisco

At last the big race weekend had arrived, and it was a good thing because Natalie and I were so sick of running. Also, we were excited to see San Francisco for the first time. First off, packet pickup, a disappointing Nike commercial without much swag.

Having it on good authority that spending the day on your feet is good marathon prep, we spent the rest of the day walking around Nob Hill, China Town, and Union Square.

The next day Nick joined us and we tackled Berkley, the Mission, and Financial Districts. We took loads of pictures as you can see.

Lola, being the generous soul that she is, shared the plague (AKA the flu) with me before I left. I was feeling pretty yucky Thurs/Fri/Sat morning. Sat afternoon we stopped in this coffee shop where I napped on this pleather couch and woke up feeling much better!

In the meantime Natalie caught up on all the local gossip.

Race time!! There were a million women in our start chute and afraid of being trampled, we started with our slower sisters in a less crowded section.

This ended up being a problem as there were a million runners ("about 22,000 women and a few good men" the MC repeated ad nauseum) to dodge. It probably took us 4-5 miles to get out from behind all the slowbees. We didn't mind too much though. The weather was a perfect, the course was pretty, and the company was good.

We soon discovered that we missed the matching memo. The purple duo pictured here isn't the best example as their footwear, socks, hair ties and hair color do not match, but you get the idea. The race was filled with these BFF combos. Who knew?!

Here we come at mile 16!

Our key to success: slow pace, lots of bathroom breaks, food/water. Natalie reveled in the novelty of running in temperatures below 90 degrees and I did a lot of complaining about how the race organizers turned the race into a stupid shopping weekend and Nike commercial. . . . .

On, on!

We passed a heaving women around mile 20, and fearing that she was going to throw up on us, we motored to the finish. Here's the last stretch.

We rolled in around 4:30. Not too shabby.

We were met with a fairly ugly finishers necklace, meager food (a plain bagel, water, and brown banana) and long bus lines to get back to the start. Never mind, we had a taco truck waiting for us at our cousin's house!!

Yeah for our first (and last?) marathon!!

October 13-16, 2011

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Kinder Soccer

Keyton the over confident, fashion forward, almost-the-worst player on the team proudly dresses himself for soccer. We don't do him any favors by equipping him with baby pink shin guards ($1.99 at Ross!!) or soccer cleats 4 sizes too big (great deal at a consignment sale!!).

Keyt spends most of the game removed from the action smiling and dancing and somewhat oblivious to the action.

There are or course occasional moments of glory.

But mostly he trails at a safe distance looking concerned and positioning himself into a strategic spot 20 yards away.

Keyton, team Lightening Bolts back-up man, or more accurately: man in the back.

October 8, 2011