Saturday, December 17, 2011

K. Kinder Holiday Program

December 9, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanksgiving in a yurt!

After a hearty breakfast of pumpkin pie, we headed off to Banner Ridge Yurt, part of the back country yurt system in Idaho City. We thought we'd be able to drive our car to the summer parking lot, but 20+ inches of snow thought otherwise.

No worries, we had snowshoes, two sleds, and plenty of pack mules.

Nick clearly was the weakest link refusing to shoulder his fair share and complaining the entire 2.5 miles.

The hike was so quiet and pretty. I was glad we couldn't drive in!

Just when it seemed we were on the verge of total meltdown, we made it!!

Scott vows to eat all that food so he won't have to hike it out.

Lola was a bit cold, but warmed up in a jiffy.

In fact, we all warmed up. The wood stove kept it a balmy 80 degrees in there. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast of turkey, rolls, cranberries, and gravy. Lola forgot to pack the potatoes.

The top bunk quickly became the favorite play spot.

After a loud night of wind and what we feared was rain, we awoke to fresh snow and sunny skies.

From the top of the sledding hill.

Kyle makes a good faith effort to break his back.

The view was amazing as were the stars that night.

Roasting hotdogs. Keyton, apparently on the carb free diet.

Lola fell asleep.

Fast asleep.

Group shot and then the hike out. Sunny skies and a downhill trek puts us all in good spirits.

All except Lola that is, who tolerated riding on the sled for about 5 minutes then INSISTED on being carried. As that wasn't an option, and mere mention of the sled sent her into hysterics, she walked. The whole two miles. Happily, but at a 3-year-old pace.

Keyton, on the other hand sledded down, sometimes for quite a long stretch. He and Kyle were back to the car about an hour ahead of us, which was enough time for a random dog to pee all over Kyle's bag. Good times!

November 24-26, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas lights are up

I'm usually pretty adamant about not putting up Xmas decorations until after Thanksgiving/my birthday, but freakishly warm temperatures in the 50s was compelling enough for me to wave this hard and fast rule - just this once.

November 22, 2011

Lola turns 3!

Lola was looking forward to her birthday for quite some time but on the big day she wasn't so sure. She cried when her classmates sang to her, did her fare share of moping, and was emphatic that "it's NOT my birthday!"

A birthday nap, presents, and lots of frosting seemed to lift her spirits.

Notice the fine wrap jobs on the right - a Scott Hansen legacy.

The kids got new shoes but it will be a while before they are wearing them, it appears I am a little over eager.

The party continued that weekend where Gma Becky knocked it out of the park with balloons, ponies, and Minnie Mouse dress up doll to name a few.

November 15/20, 2011

Random November picts

November 2011