Sunday, March 18, 2012

Skiing with Keyton

I took Keyton skiing hoping for some quality mother-son time. K took what turned out to be a rather lame lesson in the morning while I got a few runs in.

After lunch we took care of a minor boot problem.

Then we were back on the hill.

We made 2 runs on the carpet, and 3 on the "fork lift".

I had to keep talking myself down from a full out Disney Land panic attack, as the entire Treasure Valley was also skiing that day. K took advantage of long lines to take a rest.

Wipeouts double as an opportunity for a snowy snack.

K told me at one point he was even having more fun than playing the wii. Which well made up for not being able to move for the next several days - spending the morning skiing and afternoon lugging your son around is a mighty workout when you're 6 months pregnant.

March 4, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tai's shower

March 3, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Novice Chess Tournament

Keyton is in the school chess club and recently attended his first tournament. Here he is with the team and chess coach genius Fred, who incidentally slaughtered Nick in a friendly game that day.

As you can see Fred can really rally the troops, expect for Keyton who can only muster an eye roll at was was probably a really funny joke.

I guess some parents are so dedicated to their children's success they have developed elaborate hand signals and code words to assist, so all spectators are relegated to the far end the gym.

Keyton is the very last team duking it out.

These boards mean nothing to me, but apparently it translates into a final tally of 2 checkmates, 2 stalemates, and a draw.

Keyton earned 2nd place in the K-1st division of 9 fierce competitors. Yeah Keyton!! While the hologram medal was pretty exciting, a close second were the Skittles dad bought.

February 25, 2012

lachelle's quarterly vacation

I try to take Stephan Covey's edict to "sharpen the saw" to heart. So I left this:

And headed to Austin to visit Natalie, Pablo, and Briana and family. The weekend festivities included fine eateries such as GrajMahal and Jaun in a Million, messages at Happy Foot courtesy of Briana, gawking at all the Grackles (birds), hiking a nearby waterfall, brunching with friends, and lots of urban hiking. Although I was sad to miss typical Austin weather (it was in the low 50's and even "snowed" at one point) it was still fun to get away.

February 9-13, 2012