Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our front yard, a never ending story. .

After a post-baby, hurt-back hiatus, we picked up tackling the front yard.

We built and placed boxes, leveled dirt, piled dirt, dug dirt, filled boxes with dirt, dirty dirt dirt dirt.

Last step was to spread bark.

This compost pile is more dirt/sod we couldn't get rid.

It is finished!

November 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welcoming Bear

I knew we'd get a dog someday, I just thought I'd be able to ward it off a little longer. My uncle had a great dog he couldn't keep, and the family ganged up on me. Thus we have Bear. The kids warmed up to him immediately. 

Nick put him straight to work.

Bear is a German Shorthaired Pointer, a dog bread for hunting birds. We don't have a lot of birds in the neighborhood, but we do have squirrels which he points/hunts all day long.

Bear goes on hunting field trips with Banana and Larry. 

When he comes home he is dog tired.

Sept/Oct 2012

Thursday, November 08, 2012

More September

Mads is like this almost all of the time.

Cantaloupe from the backyard pumpkin/melon/tomato patch.

Keyton loves the hand-me-down shirts Banana game him, because "they are like a cave".


Boise is a pretty classy place.

Tom working the bobcat at the epic TAS window well project of 2012.

Becky calls these boy tomatoes and grows them in her garden.

A "cave" shirt with cowboy boots make a perfect weekend outfit.


Keyton and Lola muddy themselves while Nick digs in the dirt.

Keyton is a little apprehensive about this bottle thing.

Face painting at the Hyde Street Fair!

With our Aagard friends.

This is Nick.

Boise State potato hats. Awesome.

Washington carnival was a good time for throwing things.

And tattoos.

In preparation for an upcoming holiday costume.


This photo is taken just after Lola drug her bike back onto the sidewalk after accidentally jumping the curb and crashing into that parked car. It was hilarious to us, and slightly unnerving to her.

Mads does the swings.



September 2012