Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Saturday adventures

Banana kicks off the weekend with a meal made in honor of Kyle: mashed potatoes with chicken gravy. Banana and I eat copious ammounts. The kids don't like potatoes because they're weird. 

 Mads prefers his meals from the floor.

Saturday morning we head out on a family bike ride to the farmers market then along the river to the kayak park and circled home via Westside Drive In for ice cream cones. Mads was pooped!

Banana nails the "Natalie smile"

Keyton eats his cone in a very strange order.

As we hop on our bikes to finish the last stretch we realize Nick and the kids all have flat tires (due to a combination of crazy off-road biking and pesky goat heads) so we extend our stay at Westside while Nick gets the rescue van. Mads plays with the pepper and makes a mess.

But no! The fun doesn't stop there. About 10 minutes after we get home, Gpa Scott and Cathy show up on their way home from Utah. We wrestle and chat.

And by the time they have to go, Mads doesn't want anyone else to hold him.

Back off Dad, I see you over there.

April 27, 2013

Sunday, June 02, 2013

More April

Both Keyton and this spider monkey were eating apples so we had to take a picture. As is usual these days, Keyton shows off his best eye roll.

We were outside doing this. 

While Mads had crawled inside and was doing this. 

April 19-25, 2013

Saturday, June 01, 2013


It's working

Nick gave up on growing out his hair. 

Trolla sleeps in a "special bed" on the floor in our room more often than we would like. 

Lola scales a mountain

Can you believe this was the best one?

Boise Art Museum.

Riding home from the art museum, Lola took advantage of our stop to fix Keyton's chain to take care of business.

Bear, Keyton, and Lola on the loose!

Avery Aiden Lucy come to town.

Nick and the kids make dinner

Boy on a fence. 

April 2 - 13, 2013