Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend

It may have been the best tasting Thanksgiving dinner ever. Highlights included Nick's bacon winter squash stuffing, Kyle and Sandra's rolls, Sandra's award winning pecan pie, and MORE pies from Banana. Lowlights included no less than 15 loads in the dishwasher over the weekend. Whew. 

We busted the wii out for the weekend.


We went sledding at Bogus on Saturday.

 Nov. 28-30, 2014

November 2013

Smashing pumpkins

Jumping in the hail

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Hippie commuter

Mads and Tom

Lola turned 5!!

Mads loves shoes.

The chickens got the axe.

We replaced them with feeder fish.

Hard core winter biking to the holiday parade.

We were dressed in full ski gear, but we still got cold.

November 2013

Monday, December 02, 2013

October pt 2

Mads joins Lola's soccer practice. He's the one in the gray sweatshirt 2nd from right.

Nick and Lola's scarecrow

Lola picking up Keyton from school. I would not have let her out of the house like that for the record.

Mads is cute, but delusional

We've lived in Boise almost 4 years so we figured it was time to visit Table Rock. The kids loved climbing around. We loved washing their hands to get rid of the urine smell.

Giant pumpkin goes to preschool

Preschool art night

Lola's new uniform: bedazzled lacy red shirt and purple sparkly jeggings. Socks optional.

Giant pumpkin goes to 2nd grade

 Lola and Meeomi (Naomi) at the pumpkin patch.

Keyton, skeleton
Lola, Wonder Woman
Mads, dragon

Lola wanted "kiss lips" for her Wonder Woman costume. I don't have ANY lipstick in the house, but dad came through with face paint.

Lola and Lucas

The kids had so much candy they were complaining their bags were too heavy.

October 16-31, 2013