Wednesday, February 13, 2013

October (repost)

Some of my old posts seemed to have disappeared, so I'm reposting about 4 old entries. 


Team Tornato Ninjas, serious contenders on the U7 Rec Soccer Circuit. 

Lola does soccer too. 

Mads and Gma/pa Smith

Boise Foothills

Baby's first Burley ride.


Pumpkin patch with Laura, Mudah, and crew.

Backyard harvest

Skeletons with Gma Becky


October 2012

Halloween (repost)

We were the Incredibles. It was incredible. 

Incredible kitty

Incredible costume parade

Incredibly this guy dressed up as Nick at work and won the scariest costume prize.

Incredible dog, family and friends trick-or-treating.

October, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend (another repost)

Nick and I crashed a Thanksgiving day 5K and I finally got a good excuse to wear this turkey hat. 

We had some amazing food: a backyard turkey which was surprisingly delicious, a ton of dinner rolls, Sandra made a pecan pie that put Banana's pumpkin and coconut pies to shame, etc. The food didn't last long enough to get a picture. So here is one of my kids eating flour. They're weird like that.

We headed to Idaho City where Gpa Curry picked out a Christmas tree, Keyton tried to die tunneling into a log pile, Banana suffered hot flashes and Lachelle helped out by wearing everyone's coats. Since we were all starving after eating pie for breakfast, we had a hotdog picnic lunch and got some ice cream and hot chocolate in Idaho City on our way home. 

We all got into the Christmas spirit and in what is becoming a Thanksgiving tradition, Kyle and Nick put up the Christmas lights.

A Christmas parade in the rain followed by deliciousness at Big City Coffee. 

And lots and lots of Uno. 

Thanksgiving weekend 2012

Lola's 4th Bday (not sure why this didn't post before)

On Lola's Birthday Eve she hosted a dance party. The playlist included the hokey pokey, Gangnam Style, and various Lola songs all in other languages as to maintain appropriateness for a four-year-old. 

Lola wanted a grape cake. You might think she meant a purple cake. Nope. While looking at me like I am a little slow, she explains "you take the grapes and squish them up and put the cake in and cook it. A grape cake." So Banana accommodated with a delicious carrot cake. . .er I mean a grape cake.

The next day Lola had a little trouble with her candles.

Larry and Banana have been bringing back various treasures for the kids from their weekend escapades: feathers, rocks, horns, bones. After Keyton got a cow rib, Lola put in a request for a rib of her own. Lola, it's your lucky day! Larry even wrote her name on it. Hard to compete with a present like that.

But compete we did. Generous grandparents and doting friends hooked Lola up with butterfly wings, tutus, books, an off the hook art set, candy, and light-up shoes.

November 15, 2012