Friday, March 22, 2013

January catch all

Bear and Stella (the dogs) caught this duck.

Translation: During the break I went to a New Years party. It was fun because I got to play the wii for almost the whole time.

A pinecone war ended in a trip to urgent care.

January 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trip to Oregon

As soon as winter break ended and school resumed, we left town for Oregon. We had a great visit with Grandparents Scott and Cathy, saw some friends from high school, had our teeth cleaned, and saw a show. As you will see I took lots and lots of pictures. As the third child, Mads in entitled to complain about not having any pictures of his childhood - I'm just doing my part. 

Keyton and Lola fast asleep at Gpa Scott's. 

Lola and Gpa Scott at OMSI.


We caravanned home with Moby, which makes our minivan look tiny!

 I was very happy to do knock-knock jokes on the walky-talky with Keyton all the way to La Grande.

At which point he opted to plug in. Whew.

Jan 3-6, 2013


This winter was pretty epic for sledding with lots of snow in the valley that stuck around for a long time. 

Round one: December 30, Simplot hill

Round 2: January 10, Camel's Back Park

Round 3: January 11, Bear-powered turbo sledding, home to Highlands Hollow trail and back.

The BoPo stopped us after this one. We thought we were going to get a ticket for illegal dog sledding, but he just wanted to make sure we took video.

Round 4: January 13, Camel's Back Park

Winter 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Christmas morning!

December 25, 2012