Monday, May 26, 2014


April 2014

April/May 2014

Nick in purple

Inaugural camping trip with Nick's spiffy van platform


Every time we leave Gma Becky's house it seems like we take a load of treasures with us. We left with a particularly large haul this day.

Hot tub at Banana's

Mads "helps" Larry with the yard project

Ladybug field trip (Lola back left)

Gma Becky's famous Easter egg hunt

Banana and Gpa Curry helped Lola take Honey the chicken to preschool for share.

More excitement at Banana's

April/May 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

March 2014

Look who's eight! I don't remember what the hat was all about, but Keyton made it. 

Nick and I went to visit Natalie and Katie in Austin during SXSW. We're so hip and cool!

Keyton earnestly posted these flyers for his origami sale on all the stop signs in a three block radius of our house.

Thankfully a few neighbors and coworkers stopped by to distract Keyton from calling out to pedestrians half a block away. "I was starting to get worried that no one would come. . . but I had NINE SALES!!!" He says he wants to give the money to charity, but it's still scattered on his bedroom floor. 

Invent Idaho at the Capitol - this is the science project that will never end.

Mu Dah and Cathalee La who danced for the Karen New Year celebration. 

First day of work waffles and ice cream for my new-new job. I promise to stay put at this one for a while. 

March 2014

Nick's tree house project

Here's a rare photo of me not looking completely horrible. Blurry, but not embarrassing. 

January - April, 2014