Tuesday, November 18, 2014

July 2014

Forth of July - fireworks at the Eschen's. This followed floating the Boise River and BBQ but nobody took pictures then. 

Nick cashed in all of his hard-earned martial capitol to purchase a trailer, the Gay Cowboy. Here we are in Idaho City for our inaugural weekend.

Mads shows his sheep the horses on the way home.

These are the before pictures. There are no after pictures, but all of the dirt/weeds are gone now. Slowly but surely. . .

Lola works the camera like Banana. She also always has a dirty face.

This is Trogdor. He joined our family in June when I was out of town and left our family in July before I left again permanently.

Nick's spoils

We have a chicken that lays doubles on a fairly regular basis.

July 2014


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